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[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-house-plan-1″ title=”Residential Services”]We offer a full range of residential construction services in Calgary, Alberta that help you achieve your building objectives. Form renovations to new constructions, interior and exterior jobs, painting, carpentry and framing – we ensure that our design teams work side by side with each client, balancing their goals and budgets so that every deadline is met.


[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-engineer” title=”Handyman”]Our local and specialist handyman service takes care of all of your property maintenance and home repair needs. We work at very competitive prices, especially when they are compared with specialist trades where you might need to call a plumber, a carpenter or a decorator to cover all the aspects of a small job.


[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-screwdriver-3″ title=”Property Maintenance”]We offer economical property maintenance and handyman services in Calgary, Alberta – to all homeowners, property management agents and business owners who want to save money and dedicate themselves to the things that matter to them.Our local and specialist handyman service takes care of all of your property maintenance and home repair needs.[/featureback]
[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-tiles” title=”Flooring”]We pride ourselves on providing home and business owners in Calgary with expert flooring services that include hardwood flooring installation, tile floor installation (ceramin, porcelain, travertine, marble etc), VCT floors, vinyl planks, sheet vinyls, linoleum, carpet, laminate, engineered flooring etc.[/featureback]
[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-two-shovels” title=”Restoration Services”]At Gold Rutherford, we take pride in our experience and knowledge behind the business of Disaster Cleanup, Mold Remediation, Complete Property Restoration, and Foundation Repair. We have an extensive array of skilled contractors and equipment specially suited to take care of any environmental damage for both commercial, and residential property. Rest assured that the recovery of your home or business will be a smooth and effortless transformation, as we understand very well how difficult it can be dealing with disaster.[/featureback]
[featureback style=”style2″ font=”ello” ostyle=”rounded” effect=”effect2″ icons=”icon-toolbox-1″ title=”Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations”]With Gold Rutherford, homeowners don’t need to look elsewhere for their kitchen and bathroom renovations in Calgary, Alberta. Our team of professionals can handle any project from start to finish, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship – whether it’s a kitchen renovation, new bathroom construction or a complete home remodeling project.[/featureback]
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Expert construction and remodeling for all of your residential and commercial needs.

We are a small construction company with a large presence. Based in Calgary, our team of construction experts specializes in anything from new construction to renovations, flooring jobs, kitchen/bathroom remodeling and property maintenance services.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations providing affordable, high quality and professional services for your next project. We know how good it feels to watch your dream transform into reality.

As a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contractor in Calgary, Alberta – we have the right skills and experience needed to exceed your expectations – with a history of delivering work that is tailored to your vision and goals.

We are able to work with you from start to finish on any commercial or residential project you have in mind. We will take care of everything from A to Z and won’t leave room for you to become overwhelmed or in search of multiple companies.

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