Have you heard of Tom Reber before? If not, and you’re involved in the construction industry as a small business owner/operator, you should get to know a bit more about him! Tom has been in the industry for years and has come up with some seriously amazing ways to refine your business technique, and find your worth as a service provider and an ambassador of your brand.

He makes videos on Youtube regularly that showcase different elements of business ownership, and he does a great job explaining the pitfalls and shortcomings that all too often plague a new business. We have been able to take away tons of information from this guy, and he’s helped us develop a very stable platform to work off of. Check him out Here!

I hope you can find as much wealth from the knowledge he provides as we have for ourselves. The construction business can be real choppy water to attempt to navigate, and any guiding light can be a real blessing. In this economy especially we have noticed that it’s become a ‘make or break’ sort of situation for many contractors. While this has a lot to do with the lack of work, many have fallen behind because of the lack of realization in their own value. We can end up with our head under water if we can’t keep on our bills. A large part of that shortcoming can come from targeting the wrong clients, or allowing too much flexibility on our contracts. We need to remember that a fair relationship between us and our clients must be just that or we can end up in situations no business owner wants to be involved in.

Tom is an excellent resource for anything Contracting and Contractor focused Marketing. Give him a watch today and between his charisma and his intelligence, I doubt you will be left disappointed.

Contact me here if you want to chat more about getting business moving, or have any questions about who we are and why we follow in the footsteps of guys like Tom.