It’s been an excellent past few years in the world of kitchen styling and renovation. With the advent of many cutting edge production techniques to harness even finer quality material at a far more cost effective rate, and the modernization of kitchen utilities we are seeing some absolutely incredible visions come to life in people’s homes. We like to stay current with design trends, and make sure we can offer you a lasting and timeless look when we come into your home to help you create your new space.

Cabinet and Appliance Integration

A sleek and modern layout with integrated appliances.

Integrated appliances are being considered the new face of luxury in any kitchen space. Integrating your fridge and dishwasher into your cabinetry layout can greatly enhance the futuristic, clean look you may be trying to achieve in your renovation. I’ve found it to really transform a kitchen entirely, and add an amazing effect to the room. Modern crafting techniques have made it easier than ever to integrate your appliances into the rest of your kitchen, and above all else, your lifestyle.

Light Fixtures: A Blast From The Past

Retro Pendant Lights are in! Light up your life with something new and a touch of classic contemporary.

Adding new fixtures to a kitchen during your renovation can really bring to light the features you want highlighted in your culinary space. We have definitiely been experiencing a real throwback in the world of lighting design. Because of this rather eccentric yet tasteful ideas coming from the post modern era of the 60’s have been definitely more and more present in modern kitchens. This has been creating a healthy balance between new and old. I’ve really been enjoying the new wave of kitchen design and what it has to offer. We are passionate about kitchen remodelling and want to provide our clients with only the latest and best.

Kitchen Modernization and Innovation

Modern Kitchen Appliances
A WineStation Wine chiller and dispenser keeps a party exciting and the Bosch espresso maker ensure a pleasant morning after.

Modernizing the kitchen can be an expensive yet worthwhile endeavour. As we move forward into the future we are seeing more and more innovations to add to our dining and culinary experience. Personally, I’m a huge fan of what technology has to offer in the kitchen. We are seeing wild new ideas manifest in the world of hosting, serving, and general leisure at home. Our appliances are learning to work with us to provide a personalized and incredibly efficient way of life. From fridges that can detect spoiled food, to coffee machines that are able to prepare the perfect cup at the push of a button on your phone we are seeing a massive shift in the way we live our lives.

Although it can be a daunting task to undertake, we at Gold-Rutherford are excited for the future, and are ready to help you discover and execute the futuristic kitchen plans of your dreams! Contact us Today!

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