When we think of Stonework and masonry, often times what comes to mind is old and sometimes archaic sorts of crafstmanship. We have many different techniques that date back to the dawn of civilization! We can find examples of masonry dating back to far ancient times. Stone was our first durable medium for shelter structures! While wood was very useful it was limited in it hardiness to the changes in the season, not to mention the threat of animals, and even other human beings.

Stonework on Bay Window
Some modern stonework, bringing an old look to life again.

For many years we have relied on stonework to keep us safe and secure. This allows for an incredibly elegant and artistic platform to exist in our structures. The use of stone in construction has come a long way since the early days of man. We have retained much of the tradition of the trade, however modern technology has greatly improved the quality and resilience of the stone we are able to extract and craft.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
A city set in stone. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Founded in 962 AD, it is a piece of history that is hard to forget! The stonemasons who built this place were incredible, and left quite a legacy!

We can see many examples of modern stone masonry all around us. More often than not it blends in very well to a modern building and allows for a balanced visual by merging old and new tastefully. We are also seeing a large resurgence in the world of traditional stonework. Restorations of old stone structures has definitely brought back an ancient trend. Personally I’ve found a lot of beauty in our modern architecture. Blending scientific purpose with aesthetics has created a whole new image that is ushering in a beautiful and sleek future.

Cathedral Restoration
A 5 year interior/exterior Restoration Project of a Cathedral over in England.

For more on the world of Stonework and all of the beautiful options it can offer your home, check out The /stonemasonry subreddit for tons of information and news on what’s happening in the world of stonecraft!

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