In the modern age we are seeing more and more integration of cutting edge technology that is drastically changing the way we live. The world of construction in general is no exception. As we move forward we are unlocking more and more tools and capabilities from the technology we use every day. We are greatly improving the rate and efficiency in which jobs and tasks are being completed. The use of drones, cloud computing, automated equipment, and other amazing tech is an amazing revolution in the industry!

Drone Surveyor
Mavic drones are changing how we see the world!

The use of drones for surveying has allowed us to get an incredibly detailed aerial point of view of an area while cutting the hefty costs of hiring aerial photographers, planes, and helicopters. This translates into a much easier bill to process for the client, and saves a lot of time on the end of the contractor. Not to mention how fun it can be to operate one!

Digital Accountant
Being your own accountant is easier than ever before!

The creation of digital bookkeeping and accounting has made a much better world for many business owners. Applications like Quickbooks are incredible for keeping your finances grouped into one, very easy to navigate, place. Applications such as these are essential to any small business owner that wants to keep up with the fast paced world we are building.

Autonomous excavator, skidsteer, and bulldozer
Built Robotics fleet of autonomous earth moving equipment.

Automation is an ever present and growing aspect of our reality in the work force. While it is sometimes difficult to remain positive about the automating of technology it is important to remember that the time that we are able to free up for our own benefit. The use of remote controlled excavation equipment, and even vehicles has greatly improved the quality of safety and allows for more flexibility in the flow of work. While it is difficult to deal with the fact jobs are being lost I strongly believe that this transition of technology will bring about a new age of far more prosperity for humanity in general.