We are coming up on what’s looking to be a cold and wet winter! One thing we’ve found quite common over the years is the frequency of last minute renovations in the later months of fall. A lot of people find themselves having a great deal of company come through for the holidays and realize that they need to refresh their guest spaces, be it the guest bedrooms or bathrooms. When looking to renew a space what are some things we look at? Sherwin-Williams can help you with your paint decisions, Tarkett offers some amazing solutions for flooring, and House & Home Magazine can be super helpful in finding design styles and decor that helps you slide into a cozy winter atmosphere.

Winter fortress or drafty cabin? That depends on what you do for it!

In with the new, out with the cold

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but it can dish out some serious damage to your home if you aren’t properly insulated against the cold. Burst pipes, damaged furnaces, and excess moisture accumulation around your windows are all common symptoms of a poorly insulated living space. This can be due to either poor construction or aged building materials. In the event of an event we can see the events and simultaneously the other resulting events unfold into theresulting disaster. Luckily there are many methods of prevention. Having a temperature test conducted can help identify where your breaches in the insulating barrier exist, and determine what fix would be best. Older homes are often plauged with inefficiencies like this, and many don’t realize they will pay what they would have owed the contractor to seal the place up in just a couple of months through the winter. Natural gas is not cheap!


Painting is usually our most common work throughout the snowy months, with a lot more time spent inside we notice the wear and tear a lot more on our walls and in our doorways. We offer complete painting solutions and have specialized in painting for over 20 years. We work alongside some of Calgarys most skilled painters to bring you an incredible finished job every time. Check out more of our work on the site or our Instagram page. Our Facebook page contains plenty of links to various suppliers and media collections that will surely inspire you to make the right decision for your home this season!

Sherwin-Williams keeps up on the seasonal style flawlessly!

Restoration: Thawing out

If in the event you have already found yourself in hot water, or rather, very cold… We also have specialized in fire and flood restoration work all seasons of the year for over 25 years now and can make sure you will have a space reinvigorated and reinforced against any future disaster or unexpected event. Winter is a brutal season, but spring is also a test on many homes and their integrity. With the swelling of run-off water and added rain during the early months we can also see a great deal of damage done to improperly constructed elements in a home. If you are noticing cold spots or any moisture building up in your basement it can never hurt to call in a professional to take a look and offer some ideas as to how to prepare and protect your home over the winter to spring transition. If you ever have any questions about restoration, and have made it this far, please do not hesitate to ask us about what we know or what we can do for you! Request a Quote here, or call us at (587)830-5888


With so many different problems out there it’s almost a necessity to have a personalized and very careful eye and opinion involved in your winter renovations or repairs, whether they be necessary or not.

Be ready Canadians!