Here’s why it matters.

We live in a world of ever evolving concious practice within the workforce and also in our personal lives. We have experienced many years of extremely rapid development in technology and capability. With that, we are seeing more and more unique situations that can provide a serious element of danger or bring about hazards that have not been managed and mitigated in any other circumstance before. Luckily, the compassion and logical intelligence that make up some of society’s finest minds in construction safety are staying a couple of steps ahead of the game and staying incredibly stringent regarding personal safety on and off the job, for both the worker and the client.

Safety Meeting
It’s never an easy thing getting through those early morning meetings, but they’re vital to our good health.

Safe practice when choosing a Contractor

We unfortunately also live in a world that is filled with people who may not take something as important as safety very seriously… With that knowledge we should always be very cautious about who we hire and bring into our homes and businesses. Without proper coverage, training, or insurance any accidents on site can lead to an extremely expensive problem that can leave the contractors in a position of serious financial trouble as well as the inability to make back the money required to fill the gap in time created by any incidents. Beyond that, not having any insurance on the work can become a very problematic issue. All too often shady contractors take advantage of the fact a client may not be aware of the importance of insurance and cut as many corners as possible to reach completion without spending the necessary money to have the job done right. Don’t end up here! Make sure your contractors are covered!

Framers working
Working together to create a safer world!

The Evolution of Safety in the Workplace

As time has passed, and we have learned more about what it takes to keep a job site safe and free of hazards we have come to understand that the only way to keep things consistent is with consistent and comprehensive analysis. Much of what we do in the workplace becomes automatic to us, and therefore many individuals end up in a bit of an ‘autopilot’ sort of mentality, which is definitely helpful in promoting efficiency around the work place. This however also has the drawback of allowing some to become aloof or unaware of their surroundings and the factors in play. With the research we’ve been able to gather over the years it has been learned that we need to integrate and maintain safe work practice into our routines, and cannot let ourselves become too comfortable so as to create a risk on the job. With the adoption of stringent policies and thorough training we have seen a drastic downturn in workplace accidents all over the world.

With the advent of automation and artificial intelligence we are beginning to see a great change in how the world around us is constructed. Along with this new way we must be sure to remain aware and concious that with the increased pace of development happening, the pace in which things can go wrong is taking just as much of an upswing. Without correct procedural understanding and training specially formatted and carefully thought out we can end up with twice as much trouble on our hands in half of the time!
Be safe out there, and never forget the importance of a safe work place.