Safety in Construction

Here’s why it matters.

We live in a world of ever evolving concious practice within the workforce and also in our personal lives. We have experienced many years of extremely rapid development in technology and capability. With that, we are seeing more and more unique situations that can provide a serious element of danger or bring about hazards that have not been managed and mitigated in any other circumstance before. Luckily, the compassion and logical intelligence that make up some of society’s finest minds in construction safety are staying a couple of steps ahead of the game and staying incredibly stringent regarding personal safety on and off the job, for both the worker and the client.

Safety Meeting
It’s never an easy thing getting through those early morning meetings, but they’re vital to our good health.

Safe practice when choosing a Contractor

We unfortunately also live in a world that is filled with people who may not take something as important as safety very seriously… With that knowledge we should always be very cautious about who we hire and bring into our homes and businesses. Without proper coverage, training, or insurance any accidents on site can lead to an extremely expensive problem that can leave the contractors in a position of serious financial trouble as well as the inability to make back the money required to fill the gap in time created by any incidents. Beyond that, not having any insurance on the work can become a very problematic issue. All too often shady contractors take advantage of the fact a client may not be aware of the importance of insurance and cut as many corners as possible to reach completion without spending the necessary money to have the job done right. Don’t end up here! Make sure your contractors are covered!

Framers working
Working together to create a safer world!

The Evolution of Safety in the Workplace

As time has passed, and we have learned more about what it takes to keep a job site safe and free of hazards we have come to understand that the only way to keep things consistent is with consistent and comprehensive analysis. Much of what we do in the workplace becomes automatic to us, and therefore many individuals end up in a bit of an ‘autopilot’ sort of mentality, which is definitely helpful in promoting efficiency around the work place. This however also has the drawback of allowing some to become aloof or unaware of their surroundings and the factors in play. With the research we’ve been able to gather over the years it has been learned that we need to integrate and maintain safe work practice into our routines, and cannot let ourselves become too comfortable so as to create a risk on the job. With the adoption of stringent policies and thorough training we have seen a drastic downturn in workplace accidents all over the world.

With the advent of automation and artificial intelligence we are beginning to see a great change in how the world around us is constructed. Along with this new way we must be sure to remain aware and concious that with the increased pace of development happening, the pace in which things can go wrong is taking just as much of an upswing. Without correct procedural understanding and training specially formatted and carefully thought out we can end up with twice as much trouble on our hands in half of the time!
Be safe out there, and never forget the importance of a safe work place.

Winter Renovations

We are coming up on what’s looking to be a cold and wet winter! One thing we’ve found quite common over the years is the frequency of last minute renovations in the later months of fall. A lot of people find themselves having a great deal of company come through for the holidays and realize that they need to refresh their guest spaces, be it the guest bedrooms or bathrooms. When looking to renew a space what are some things we look at? Sherwin-Williams can help you with your paint decisions, Tarkett offers some amazing solutions for flooring, and House & Home Magazine can be super helpful in finding design styles and decor that helps you slide into a cozy winter atmosphere.

Winter fortress or drafty cabin? That depends on what you do for it!

In with the new, out with the cold

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but it can dish out some serious damage to your home if you aren’t properly insulated against the cold. Burst pipes, damaged furnaces, and excess moisture accumulation around your windows are all common symptoms of a poorly insulated living space. This can be due to either poor construction or aged building materials. In the event of an event we can see the events and simultaneously the other resulting events unfold into theresulting disaster. Luckily there are many methods of prevention. Having a temperature test conducted can help identify where your breaches in the insulating barrier exist, and determine what fix would be best. Older homes are often plauged with inefficiencies like this, and many don’t realize they will pay what they would have owed the contractor to seal the place up in just a couple of months through the winter. Natural gas is not cheap!


Painting is usually our most common work throughout the snowy months, with a lot more time spent inside we notice the wear and tear a lot more on our walls and in our doorways. We offer complete painting solutions and have specialized in painting for over 20 years. We work alongside some of Calgarys most skilled painters to bring you an incredible finished job every time. Check out more of our work on the site or our Instagram page. Our Facebook page contains plenty of links to various suppliers and media collections that will surely inspire you to make the right decision for your home this season!

Sherwin-Williams keeps up on the seasonal style flawlessly!

Restoration: Thawing out

If in the event you have already found yourself in hot water, or rather, very cold… We also have specialized in fire and flood restoration work all seasons of the year for over 25 years now and can make sure you will have a space reinvigorated and reinforced against any future disaster or unexpected event. Winter is a brutal season, but spring is also a test on many homes and their integrity. With the swelling of run-off water and added rain during the early months we can also see a great deal of damage done to improperly constructed elements in a home. If you are noticing cold spots or any moisture building up in your basement it can never hurt to call in a professional to take a look and offer some ideas as to how to prepare and protect your home over the winter to spring transition. If you ever have any questions about restoration, and have made it this far, please do not hesitate to ask us about what we know or what we can do for you! Request a Quote here, or call us at (587)830-5888


With so many different problems out there it’s almost a necessity to have a personalized and very careful eye and opinion involved in your winter renovations or repairs, whether they be necessary or not.

Be ready Canadians!

A brief history of Stone Tile

Travertine Modular tile installation
An impressive modular installation of Travertine tile

Foundations of the Art

For almost as long as humanity has existed we have been using polished stone tile as our flooring in our homes and other important places of gathering. The ancient Greeks were some of the first to ever utilize marble in their architecture roughly 3000 years ago. The use of high quality stone has stood the test of time as one of the most aesthetic and durable methods to cover a floor.

Modernization of the Art

Incredible Marble Checkerboard

The modernization of the tile industry has brought about even more impressively strong flooring mediums. We are able to reform and reinforce already tough stone to create a tile that will outlast any other natural counterpart. Beyond the integrity of the tile we are able to reproduce the look of natural stone with re-manufactured crude product. This leads to a much cheaper and still very visually pleasing end product. With technology doing it’s part there is no telling what will be next in the world of stone tile!

Styles of Tiling

Herringbone Tile in Kitchen
Some beautiful herringbone tile with glass accents to match the backsplash.

There are multiple different ways to set tile, and each one brings it’s own unique touch of beauty into your home or business. What style best suits you depends on what you are willing to pay for. The more complex the job, the longer it will take to complete. Tiling is an art form that requires a keen eye and steady hand. Check out this article on Houzz here to find out more about tile patterns, and get started on your floor today! Heres another helpful article on how to choose the right tile for your home or business.

Making your tile last

Precision is the name of the game.

Making sure your long investment is secure for the years to come, and can be depended on through whatever uncertainty come it’s way is a tricky but worthwhile task. Stone flooring is no exception to the rule. Much of the quality in tiling comes from craftsmanship. On the end of the supplier, but also the installer. A poorly set floor, or cheap tiles can spell disaster in a very short time. This risk is only amplified by having large pets or children. A shattered tile is never a good thing, and can end up causing a cascading failure in the flooring. We specialize in flooring and have completed many stone tiling jobs. Contact us today to book a quote and see our artists in action, or check out our work here!

Technology and Construction

In the modern age we are seeing more and more integration of cutting edge technology that is drastically changing the way we live. The world of construction in general is no exception. As we move forward we are unlocking more and more tools and capabilities from the technology we use every day. We are greatly improving the rate and efficiency in which jobs and tasks are being completed. The use of drones, cloud computing, automated equipment, and other amazing tech is an amazing revolution in the industry!

Drone Surveyor
Mavic drones are changing how we see the world!

The use of drones for surveying has allowed us to get an incredibly detailed aerial point of view of an area while cutting the hefty costs of hiring aerial photographers, planes, and helicopters. This translates into a much easier bill to process for the client, and saves a lot of time on the end of the contractor. Not to mention how fun it can be to operate one!

Digital Accountant
Being your own accountant is easier than ever before!

The creation of digital bookkeeping and accounting has made a much better world for many business owners. Applications like Quickbooks are incredible for keeping your finances grouped into one, very easy to navigate, place. Applications such as these are essential to any small business owner that wants to keep up with the fast paced world we are building.

Autonomous excavator, skidsteer, and bulldozer
Built Robotics fleet of autonomous earth moving equipment.

Automation is an ever present and growing aspect of our reality in the work force. While it is sometimes difficult to remain positive about the automating of technology it is important to remember that the time that we are able to free up for our own benefit. The use of remote controlled excavation equipment, and even vehicles has greatly improved the quality of safety and allows for more flexibility in the flow of work. While it is difficult to deal with the fact jobs are being lost I strongly believe that this transition of technology will bring about a new age of far more prosperity for humanity in general.

Paint: Giving your home new life.

Probably the most important and key feature to upgrading any home or business is the interior and exterior paint. Changing the color scheme in a room or on the exterior walls can completely transform a property from aged and plain to vibrant and modern.

Restoration of some aged paint on an exterior. Just like new!

With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what paint manufacturer is right for your needs. Sherwin-Williams has an amazing range of various mediums of paint and a customer service team that cannot be beat! We trust them for just about any job we do, and they make the experience easy and well worthwhile.

Hard to even recognize these stairs after a good paint job!

When looking at what paint to use either inside or outside, it can be very helpful to talk to a professional. We have specialized in painting for over 20 years and can provide some innovative and incredibly efficient solutions to your project. We try to work exclusively with Sherwin-Williams, but we have multiple contacts in Alberta to help with more specific and particular requests!

Call us today at (587)830-5888 to find out more, or send us an email to get a free quote, or maybe just some information on what’s best for your painting project!

A few coats laid on a basement renovation we recently finished up!

For more on the world of residential and commercial painting work, check out Sherwin-Williams’ website for absolutely tons of useful information and tips.

Stone work, an elegant touch.

When we think of Stonework and masonry, often times what comes to mind is old and sometimes archaic sorts of crafstmanship. We have many different techniques that date back to the dawn of civilization! We can find examples of masonry dating back to far ancient times. Stone was our first durable medium for shelter structures! While wood was very useful it was limited in it hardiness to the changes in the season, not to mention the threat of animals, and even other human beings.

Stonework on Bay Window
Some modern stonework, bringing an old look to life again.

For many years we have relied on stonework to keep us safe and secure. This allows for an incredibly elegant and artistic platform to exist in our structures. The use of stone in construction has come a long way since the early days of man. We have retained much of the tradition of the trade, however modern technology has greatly improved the quality and resilience of the stone we are able to extract and craft.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
A city set in stone. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Founded in 962 AD, it is a piece of history that is hard to forget! The stonemasons who built this place were incredible, and left quite a legacy!

We can see many examples of modern stone masonry all around us. More often than not it blends in very well to a modern building and allows for a balanced visual by merging old and new tastefully. We are also seeing a large resurgence in the world of traditional stonework. Restorations of old stone structures has definitely brought back an ancient trend. Personally I’ve found a lot of beauty in our modern architecture. Blending scientific purpose with aesthetics has created a whole new image that is ushering in a beautiful and sleek future.

Cathedral Restoration
A 5 year interior/exterior Restoration Project of a Cathedral over in England.

For more on the world of Stonework and all of the beautiful options it can offer your home, check out The /stonemasonry subreddit for tons of information and news on what’s happening in the world of stonecraft!

We love our stone work! Call us today to find out more about what skills we can bring to the table in regards to this old art-form!

Hardwood Floor. The Roots.

Why choose hardwood flooring? What are some benefits to having a hardwood floor installed? What are some of the drawbacks, and is it worth it?

Personally, nothing can beat the look of an authentic oak floor, and because of the elegance that a nice floor can bring about it is truly a timeless feature. With modern techniques we are capable of some amazing things regarding hardwood. First, lets look at the different types of Hardwood you can install.

Hardwood Floor Finishes
Different Finishes can really change the look of Hardwood.

Solid Hardwood

As you might have guessed, solid hardwood floors are made of solid wood. One board of solid hardwood is made from a single piece of wood. A solid hardwood board is typically about ¾ of an inch thick, but it can be sanded and refinished as often as needed. A solid hardwood floor is rigidly affixed to a subfloor made of plywood or a similar material.

While solid hardwood has a gorgeous and unique appearance, there are some drawbacks to creating a floor out of solid hardwood. Because all the boards are made from single pieces of hardwood, the boards will expand and contract based on the temperature and humidity. Because of this, solid hardwood floors should not be installed in certain areas of the house, such as the basement or kitchen. Installers will need to leave a gap where the floor and wall meet to accommodate for expansion and contraction.

Engineered Hardwood

One board of engineered hardwood is made from several pieces of wood, typically three to five, which are bonded together into layers. The top layer of the engineered hardwood is usually hardwood with cheaper layers of plywood or other types of wood underneath. Engineered hardwood is cheaper and easier to install than solid hardwood.

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood will not expand and contract due to variations in temperature and humidity. That means it is safe to install in almost all areas of the house. The major drawback of engineered wood is that it may not be as attractive as solid hardwood. However, it tends to be more functional and cost-effective.

Engineered Vs. Solid Hardwood

Species of Hardwood and Finishes

Most hardwood these days comes factory finished, but for those out there that prefer a classicly done site finished floor. Having your floor finished on site allows for a much more modifiable experience, and a lot more attention to detail is undertaken. We are able to alter the entire look of the floor through this process in a much more precise way, and the hand finishing really adds a unique touch that is hard to match at a factory.

Oak Floors with a Dark Walnut Finish. Gorgeous!

We have been installing high end wood flooring along with pretty much any other medium of flooring you can think of for years. We take pride in our ability to deliver an incredibly long lasting and beautiful floor to every client we have the good fortune of working alongside. Moving along, two more important factors in choosing your floor type come into play. Finish and Species. There are many different types of wood to choose from. Our most common installations usually consist of Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut. There are also choices like Teak, Bamboo, and Ash that can really make a home stand out.

Bamboo floors are just mesmerizing!

Let us know!

Hopefully you have been able to draw some good tips from this post, or at least found some inspiration for your new floors! We are happy to answer any questions you may have here! Have a great day, and enjoy the summer sunshine!

Fresh Kitchen Renovation styles for 2019

It’s been an excellent past few years in the world of kitchen styling and renovation. With the advent of many cutting edge production techniques to harness even finer quality material at a far more cost effective rate, and the modernization of kitchen utilities we are seeing some absolutely incredible visions come to life in people’s homes. We like to stay current with design trends, and make sure we can offer you a lasting and timeless look when we come into your home to help you create your new space.

Cabinet and Appliance Integration

A sleek and modern layout with integrated appliances.

Integrated appliances are being considered the new face of luxury in any kitchen space. Integrating your fridge and dishwasher into your cabinetry layout can greatly enhance the futuristic, clean look you may be trying to achieve in your renovation. I’ve found it to really transform a kitchen entirely, and add an amazing effect to the room. Modern crafting techniques have made it easier than ever to integrate your appliances into the rest of your kitchen, and above all else, your lifestyle.

Light Fixtures: A Blast From The Past

Retro Pendant Lights are in! Light up your life with something new and a touch of classic contemporary.

Adding new fixtures to a kitchen during your renovation can really bring to light the features you want highlighted in your culinary space. We have definitiely been experiencing a real throwback in the world of lighting design. Because of this rather eccentric yet tasteful ideas coming from the post modern era of the 60’s have been definitely more and more present in modern kitchens. This has been creating a healthy balance between new and old. I’ve really been enjoying the new wave of kitchen design and what it has to offer. We are passionate about kitchen remodelling and want to provide our clients with only the latest and best.

Kitchen Modernization and Innovation

Modern Kitchen Appliances
A WineStation Wine chiller and dispenser keeps a party exciting and the Bosch espresso maker ensure a pleasant morning after.

Modernizing the kitchen can be an expensive yet worthwhile endeavour. As we move forward into the future we are seeing more and more innovations to add to our dining and culinary experience. Personally, I’m a huge fan of what technology has to offer in the kitchen. We are seeing wild new ideas manifest in the world of hosting, serving, and general leisure at home. Our appliances are learning to work with us to provide a personalized and incredibly efficient way of life. From fridges that can detect spoiled food, to coffee machines that are able to prepare the perfect cup at the push of a button on your phone we are seeing a massive shift in the way we live our lives.

Although it can be a daunting task to undertake, we at Gold-Rutherford are excited for the future, and are ready to help you discover and execute the futuristic kitchen plans of your dreams! Contact us Today!

For more awesome kitchen renovation ideas, and whats in this year, check out They are a pretty wicked resource for any design tips and decoration inspiration you may require.

Contractor Fight TV

Have you heard of Tom Reber before? If not, and you’re involved in the construction industry as a small business owner/operator, you should get to know a bit more about him! Tom has been in the industry for years and has come up with some seriously amazing ways to refine your business technique, and find your worth as a service provider and an ambassador of your brand.

He makes videos on Youtube regularly that showcase different elements of business ownership, and he does a great job explaining the pitfalls and shortcomings that all too often plague a new business. We have been able to take away tons of information from this guy, and he’s helped us develop a very stable platform to work off of. Check him out Here!

I hope you can find as much wealth from the knowledge he provides as we have for ourselves. The construction business can be real choppy water to attempt to navigate, and any guiding light can be a real blessing. In this economy especially we have noticed that it’s become a ‘make or break’ sort of situation for many contractors. While this has a lot to do with the lack of work, many have fallen behind because of the lack of realization in their own value. We can end up with our head under water if we can’t keep on our bills. A large part of that shortcoming can come from targeting the wrong clients, or allowing too much flexibility on our contracts. We need to remember that a fair relationship between us and our clients must be just that or we can end up in situations no business owner wants to be involved in.

Tom is an excellent resource for anything Contracting and Contractor focused Marketing. Give him a watch today and between his charisma and his intelligence, I doubt you will be left disappointed.

Contact me here if you want to chat more about getting business moving, or have any questions about who we are and why we follow in the footsteps of guys like Tom.

Finally some Sun!

It’s here! It’s finally here! We have a short sunny season ahead of us this year, so it’s time to make the best of it. With stampede coming to a close at the end of the week we are all feeling the hangover approaching. We know we will be recovering out back on the deck.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and give us a call today. We can definitely help you build that perfect recovery space quickly and without any extra headaches!