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With Gold Rutherford, homeowners don’t need to look elsewhere for their kitchen and bathroom renovations in Calgary, Alberta. Our team of professionals can handle any project from start to finish, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship – whether it’s a kitchen renovation, new bathroom construction or a complete home remodeling project.

Over the years, we have built our reputation on responsibility, professionalism and customer service – carrying kitchen and bathroom renovations that focus on renovating or replacing tile, showers, cabinetry, custom countertops, glass and fixtures.

Our teams excel when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations in both small and large properties. Even though you might think that renovating a kitchen or a bathroom is simple – we are here to prove you wrong and show you how much of a responsibility this project brings.


At Gold Rutherford, we understand the responsibility and liability involved when signing a home renovations contract, place a bid and take control of a site.

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We have the right skills and experience needed to exceed your expectations – with a history of delivering work that is tailored to your vision and goals.

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations providing affordable, high quality and professional services for your next project. We know how good it feels to watch your dream transform into reality.

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