Stone work, an elegant touch.

When we think of Stonework and masonry, often times what comes to mind is old and sometimes archaic sorts of crafstmanship. We have many different techniques that date back to the dawn of civilization! We can find examples of masonry dating back to far ancient times. Stone was our first durable medium for shelter structures! […]

Fresh Kitchen Renovation styles for 2019

It’s been an excellent past few years in the world of kitchen styling and renovation. With the advent of many cutting edge production techniques to harness even finer quality material at a far more cost effective rate, and the modernization of kitchen utilities we are seeing some absolutely incredible visions come to life in people’s […]

Contractor Fight TV

Have you heard of Tom Reber before? If not, and you’re involved in the construction industry as a small business owner/operator, you should get to know a bit more about him! Tom has been in the industry for years and has come up with some seriously amazing ways to refine your business technique, and find […]